Studying in the Netherlands

Studying in the Netherlands

A Dutch diploma and a good understanding of the Dutch language can help you to find work that fits you. Would you like to improve your Dutch or study before you start working? Did you study in your country of origin and are you looking for credential evaluation in the Netherlands? Would you like to receive a Dutch diploma to increase your chances in the labour market? You can find all relevant information here.

Learning Dutch and integrating

As you have a residence permit now, you must integrate. This means that you need to learn Dutch, you need to see what you can do on the Dutch labour market, and you need to learn more about the Dutch society. You take classes, and you have to pass an exam.

Vocational education

In the Netherlands you can attend vocational training at different levels. You can enroll for studies at the secondary Vocational Education and Training (VET) or at the level of Higher Vocational Education. The Higher Vocational Education is more theoretical than a VET college. More information about studying in Higher Vocational Education can be found under 'hoger onderwijs'.

Higher education (university and university college)

Did you follow in your country of origin a program in higher education or were you preparing for one? Would you like to study in higher education in the Netherlands? You can then do a study at a Higher Vocational Education or at a Dutch university. Higher Vocational Education colleges are more practice-oriented than university programs

Arrangements and finance

Studying costs money. You do not always have to pay it all yourself. There are different organizations that can help you to finance your studies. On the following page you can read more about the available possibilities and about the regulations you need to keep in mind.