Temporary location (CNO)


You want asylum in the Netherlands. You have been brought to this reception centre from the Ter Apel application centre. Because the regular COA reception centres are full, you are now staying at a crisis emergency reception centre (CNO) of the municipality.

A crisis emergency reception centre (CNO) is a reception facility with fewer facilities than a regular asylum reception centre. For example, you may have to sleep with several people in the same room. Also, not all facilities are standard (such as education). We do our utmost to get you to a regular reception centre as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we ask for your patience. We understand that this is difficult for you.

This website offers a lot of information. Also watch the videos about life in the Netherlands.  

Below, you will find a number of answers to questions that we know about residents in crisis emergency reception centres (CNO). If your question is not listed, take it to the Infobalie (information desk) or an employee of the reception centre.