Offline information material

Below you will find valuable information material that is not suitable for reading from a smartphone screen. They are COA brochures and third-party material. You can print the resources and distribute them to residents. Or - as a poster - hang it up on location.

Note: the info sheets are not listed here, but they do contain important information for residents. To do this, go to Print info sheets, print a housing interview bundle or print a permit holder conversation bundle

Also don't forget to point residents to the Infosheets tab on the website. This way they can find specific answers to their questions themselves.

Click on the topic about which you want to print additional information material.

COA information folder (regular) COA information folder (amv)

House rules ( regular) House rules (amv) House rules (htl)

Information material (posters)

fire safety



Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM)


Nature and environment: dangers & safety (oak processionary caterpillar, mushrooms, tick bites, forest fires, ...

Public transport


road safety

Weekly rates table

Swimming (swim safety)