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Opening hours

Health Centre for Asylum Seekers (GZA)

If you need help from a GP, you should go to the GezondheidsZorg Asielzoekers (GZA). In order to make an appointment with the GP or another caregiver, you should go to the GZA walk-in consulting hours. Look for the walk-in consulting hours below.

Outside of consulting hours, you can call the Praktijklijn (088-112 2 112) if you have medical questions. This telephone line can also be reached in the evening, at night or on the weekend.

During the corona-crisis, you can call toll-free outside of office hours with special numbers of the Praktijklijn and Tandartslijn.

Praktijklijn: 0800 0201051

Tandartslijn: 0800 2233678

During office hours, call the local GZA number.

If you do not have your own telephone, you can simply call the Praktijklijn and the Tandartslijn via the zorgtelefoon.

Walk-in hours

Monday 9:00 - 10:00 am

Thursday 9:00 - 10:00 am

Building at location  
Office building 61
088-112 2112